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The precise expatriate tax experience you are looking for, we've got it.

Antoine Ishaq - Founder & CEO, Israeli certified public accountant with over 16 years of global mobility tax experience, 11 years at EY (Ernst & Young) in Tel Aviv - a global accounting firm serving dozens of multinational Fortune 500 corporations and relocating individuals to\from Israel. Founded Expat Group - tax boutique serving hundreds of relocating individuals each year, in 2018.

Natalie Habib-Ishaq - Tax Manger, Israeli certified public accountant since 2012 joined Expat Group in 2021 heading the cross-border compliance practice at the firm responsible for preparing individual Israeli tax returns, Equity-based tax calculations and performing residency breaking with both income and social security tax authority on behalf of Expat Group's clients.

​​Our tax group specializes in cross-border related tax advisory and compliance services on both individual and corporate levels. We gained vast experience and knowledge in the following fields:

  • Income and Social tax implications upon relocation to/from Israel

  • Taxation of employer provided equity plans (stock options, RSUs, ESPP etc.)

  • Exit tax implications

  • Payroll withholding and reporting

  • Representation and discussions in front of the Israeli tax authority and social security

Populations We Serve
  • Oleh Hadash ("עולה חדש")

  • Returning Resident ("תושב חוזר")

  • Foreign Company conducting Business Activity In Israel and/or hiring employees in Israel

  • Relocating Israeli Resident individuals

  • Local Company's Globally Mobile Employees on assignment outside Of Israel

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